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Parametric Insurance-Proof of Concept

This POC leveraged a blockchain-based ecosystem.  Based on the NEM platform, our design addresses the middle and back office insurance functions for a Captive entity or Reinsurance service using blockchain, smart contracts/smart assets, machine learning, and robotic processing automation. Our use of technology supports a parametric business model that can lead to improved customer satisfaction and retention.

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Supply Chain-Proof of Concept

We developed an IoT-based POC that focused on the collection and improved visibility of critical data elements at key points in the supply chain. 

We used Cloud-based GPS, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, Weather data, Traffic conditions and Driver Specific Data (average Speed & driving Pattern) information loaded onto a blockchain to provide an indelible log of history. 

We then apply Machine Learning to assist with predictive analytics to foster Root Cause Analysis, Forecasting, and Supply Planning.




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Global Job Description-Career Path 

Redefined global career paths to be simpler to use and provide a clearer line of of sight for career management. 

Created a common ground for defining work and used that to drive position descriptions that would work across the world as well as locally. 

Intent was to simplify career advancement and the understanding of core compensation drivers.


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IT Operating Model-Resource Management


Designed and implemented a new organizational service model to improve staffing response times by 15-25%. Used existing organizational metrics to improve resource utilization at the project and program level. 

Services brought a higher level of organizational visibility to this metric and allowed for better resource sharing and deployment.