• Chris Day

Unmanaged Turnover

IT shops supporting large, mid-size, or small domestic or global companies run into challenging business problems that have significant human resource implications on a daily basis.

Recognizing the interconnectedness of these problems falls directly into the scope of today’s IT managers and their Human Resource (HR) partners.

How many times have you arrived at your desk on Monday morning to be greeted by a pacing, panicked IT manager describing how his or her “top” developer, business analyst or project manager just gave their notice.

You can sense the manager’s emotion, it's palpable.

"Why would someone leave here? This company is the only game in town!"

"I don’t know what happened, we just talked about their career expectations at their mid-year performance review."

"They seemed excited about the work that they were doing."

Assume you can hear me LMFAO at these statements inside my head.

This is all preventable stuff.

Unmanaged turnover should never be considered “a cost of doing business.”

It needs to be tracked, diagnosed, and addressed.

My coaching would be to look at two areas of focus:

IT management,

and the supporting HR basics.

Looking at IT org. survey/engagement scores, compensation differentiation, and unscientific data gathering should help paint a picture.

HR diagnosis should look at organization design, workforce mix, business process workflows, as well as culture.

In addition, you should look at the processes and tools supporting your people across all the core areas of HR-compensation, performance management, talent acquisition, etc.

The goal in diagnosis is to arrive at fact-based conclusions free of emotional conjecture.

Your role as an IT or HR leader is to hold the mirror up and let the organization see the truth. The work requires courage, pragmatism, and a “stick to it” attitude.

The change management work supporting these programs is just as important as the actual changes to IT and HR.

Don't assume any resources impacted will just "get it."

Regardless of the methodology chosen to address the change, don’t under-club the work needed.

Sharing is Caring.

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