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Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Onboarding is more than just new hire orientation. Onboarding is a focused process. Onboarding should last longer than 12 months.

Orientation is an event shrouded in some type of corporate mystery. The goals of traditional orientations are relatively narrow.

Sign up new hires on for payroll, sign up for benefits, provide basic corporate information. Boring, but important compliance related stuff.

Did I say boring?

Onboarding conveys organizational values, explains people stuff, explains culture stuff. If done well, set's the "hook" early.

It seeks to create a sense of belonging.

It focuses on the way new employees are brought into an organization is extremely important in building a long-term relationship.

My suggestion-Focus on the Big Hitters.

Social Integration-Working to develop interpersonal relationships and networks should be a priority for new hires.

Facilitating those relationships through leadership actions, communications, and personal engagement is crucial to that relationship.

Work-New employees want to make a great first impression.

Experience shows that the first 90 days of any work relationship sets the tone for that relationship forever. Performance expectations should be discussed and defined.

Culture-Every company has a unique culture.

Understanding the goals and values of each organization, as well as its unique language helps the new hire integrate.

Leadership/Take Action-Use a plan that starts before the employee is even on-board.

How new hires join is just as important as is the work they will do.

Joining in ways that are connective and supportive goes a long way.

Paying attention to the small stuff can send the message that your role as a manager is critical.

As with any new relationship, first impressions count. Employees will form an opinion on what it is like to work for their new employer before they even walk in on their first day.

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